regular reports updated

The regular reports are now updated to use a simpler charting tool – hope it works for everyone, as always let us know of any problems via the help/support link 🙂

We’ll be working on the custom reports over the next few days….bit more code for those though!

to-do s

I wanted to share what we’re intending to work on on the site – in case anyone has more urgent ideas! 🙂 You can always spend feedback via the contact /feedback link…currently my next priority is improving the reports.

They were created quite a few years ago, and there’s a lot better/easier charting options available now. My plan in to get a replica working with better looking charts, and slowly migrate over to it – any problems when you start seeing them please let us know…it’ll take a little while to get them up and running so no panic 🙂

Welcome to SpendingDiary

Thanks for taking a look around the site – SpendingDiary is a Web app that allows to you to track your daily spending. The goal is to keep it as simple as possible, providing useful reports and the ability to export if you need to get into deeper analysis / budgeting / planning.

Make up your own categories as you go along, add spends by day to those categories to see how they add up over the weeks and months.

We’ve got lots of updates and improvements planned….and you can of course help shape those improvements with your feedback 🙂

Try the demo account and sign up if you like the look of it.