Spending diary offers a simple way to track and analyse your spending.

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Spending diary is a simple no nonsense way to track your daily spending

We aim to make this as useful as possible so new features are being worked on all the time – but we do want to keep it simple.

We’re not trying to be an alternative to an online bookkeeping system, Spending Diary offers a simple way to log, categorise and report on your daily spending habits. It’s more about seeing up how much those coffees and snacks add up over the months and years, than pulling together your annual accounts!

But with regular use we hope to help you see where you can make some great savings.

Spending Diary Updates

Just wanted to update everyone on the changes to SpendingDiary.com. As you can see we’re making some changes to the site, rest assured we’re not altering the functionality/ going to charge /making any changes to your data – the updates are cosmetic at the moment – we’re basically putting in a content management system to allow up to have some more useful content on the site…which has been lacking in all these years! and in time improve the functionality of the spending tracking we offer.

There’s no intention to move to a paid model and all your data is the same/the site hasn’t changed ownership…it’s still me, Mark, running it all, I just have a bit more time to focus on the site, and want to make some improvements, as I think it has the potential to help lots of people track their spending simply, easily and for free. Any questions please do let me know via the bugs/feedback link.